The 1920s were a time for radical change, and that included for one’s wardrobe. With the end of World War I and a “live fast die young” mantra taken on by the new generation, fashion experienced a revolutionary shift, producing some scandalous dresses in the 1920s. With sleeves becoming passé, hemlines rising to flirty lengths, and corsets turning old-fashioned, a woman’s silhouette became freer and more on display. The trend was called “la garçonne,” whereby women took on almost boyish personas, opting for flat-chested, unrestricted, sporty dresses. But with the new styles also came the need to toe a certain line.2d0d0b10-1614-0134-360f-0aacbc4f5d01

With restrictive girdles and long, bulky dresses becoming as untrendy as the 1980s Dynasty dresses of today, many ladies took on a “less is more” ideal when it came to style. But some women pushed the envelope a little further than intended, producing some sinfully wonderful and downright wicked outfits. From the dazzling Josephine Baker stepping on stage in nothing but a banana skirt, to “It Girl” Clara Bow dancing in Greenwich Village in a dress that seemed more shocking than a naked body, the flapper dress wasn’t the only outfit that tested social boundaries. Click to see nine of the most scandalous dresses of the roaring 20s here.

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