It’s not unusual to hear about designers looking to the past for inspiration and recreating vintage styles. In current day, however, it is becoming increasingly popular for designers to think of the future – imagine what it holds for clothing – and emulate those trends in their current collections. Many of these designs are highly fashion-forward, taking the runway by storm, but you will see examples of each trend that can easily be integrated into your present-day wardrobe.

Sci-Fi Sexy

Designers seemingly have taken some inspiration from your favorite science fiction movies, amplified their sex appeal, and are calling it futuristic. Designers such as Versacehave mixed sheer fabrics with more texturized fabrics, creating a dress blocked out of various fabrics. Typically, this trend is very revealing , but these dresses can be worn over leggings to make them more everyday appropriate.

  • Proenza Schouler – Very expensive at $4,150, this flared patchwork dress dress is a perfect example of a wearable, yet futuristic, dress. The designer pieces together different materials through a compiling method on the sleek A-line silhouette, truly defining this ultra modern trend. It comes in sizes 4-8.
  • Catherine Dean – This designer takes the sci-fi sexy inspiration of the future and makes is much more appropriate for any woman to wear to a special event and feel right on trend! The Vinita Long-Sleeve Lace Cocktail Dress beautifully combines lace and knit, adding a leather belt for extra embellishment! This dress comes in sizes 2-12 and is priced at $965.

Metallic Fabrics

For some reason – maybe it’s the astronaut suits – whenever designers think of the future of fashion, they instantly think of metallics. Futuristic fashions go beyond just a hint of metallic here and there – instead, these outfits include all over metallic shine. So far, the runways have featured mostly skirts, hooded blouses, and sneakers covered in gold or silver glitter. Get ready to sparkle!

  • Rules of Etiquette – This designer hit the futuristic nail on the head with this gorgeous metallic pleat skirt. It appears to be delicate and fancy, but also bold and futuristic at the same time! It comes in size XS-L and is priced around $60.
  • Zella– The Aria distressed metallic jacket screams futuristic with the way the designer integrates the mesh fabric to the layout of the metallic fabric in the arms and bodice. It also has the added embellishment of finger holes to place your thumbs through for extra warmth during colder months. It comes in XS-XL and costs $118.

Gold Sunglasses

This accessory trend piggy-backs on the metallic fabric trend, as gold emulates the future in many people’s eyes. Designers everywhere are utilizing this accessory to make their mark! Linda Farrow was a trail-blazing designer in this movement and has created some very high-end gold sunglasses that most of us can only dream about getting our hands on!

  • Tom Ford – Known for creating some of the most fabulous sunglasses in the world, Tom Ford has hit the nail on the head with his very futuristic Nastasya gold sunglasses! These can be purchased $380 and are absolutely mesmerizing!
  • Burberry – These Aviator shades are a bit more on the subtle side, but are classy and futuristic nonetheless. Iconic brand Burberry has implemented a gold, plaid sheen into the lenses to touch on this trend. These can be purchased for $280.

Extreme Silhouettes

Carolina Herrera Funnel-neck Sweater

Carolina Herrera Funnel-neck Sweater

While designers such as Alexander Wangand Proenza Schouler sent looks down the runway that also fit into the previous mentioned categories, they also took part in the futurism of extreme silhouettes. For this trend, designers are taking basic components that make up various silhouettes – the neck, arms, and shoulders specifically – and adding size and volume, taking them to extreme places. The curious thing about this trend is that in most cases, women are trying to cut down on any volume that adds to their silhouettes, while designers are enlarging them.

  • Armani Collezioni – This beautiful flared mesh inset skirt is a great example of a simple way to translate the extreme silhouette trend from runway to real life. While the designer added volume in the most flared point of this skirt, it remains tapered at the waist, showing off the shape of the person wearing the skirt. This can be found in sizes 2-16 for $775.
  • Carolina Herrera – This iconic designer knows to take trends from the runway and make them actually wearable! With this funnel-neck sweater, she takes inspiration from the hugely oversized turtlenecks showcased on runways and made one that can actually lay down over the shoulders and chest for a less voluminous shape. Even though it is still an oversized sweater, it can easily be paired with leggings, skinny jeans, or a pencil skirt (as pictured) for a more sleek appeal. This can be purchased in sizes XS-L and is priced at $2,290.

Why Designers Look to the Future

Designer are very tactful when putting together their collections each season, knowing that they must continually set their collection apart. They also pay attention to what is popular and cutting edge, creating looks that will appeal to consumers preferences and tastes. Adding futuristic touches to their collections accomplishes these things – and can get them a great deal of publicity along the way!

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